40 weeks: baby? baby.

Well, hello there, due date.

So, obviously, there is no baby.  There is also no labor which will bring on the baby.  What there is, however, is apparently fluid that has gotten quite low.  That, in combination with my hypertension label (still super excited about getting slapped with that, guys), has earned me a Golden Induction Ticket for Monday, the 14th.

Yes, there shall be a baby this week, and she shall finally be on the outside where she can torment me much more efficiently, I’m sure.  I knew this was a very likely possibility, and with some battling, I managed to get to at least 40 weeks and 2 days before my time was up, which at least makes me postdate – I’ll take what I can get.  All attempts at natural induction or moving my body along have completely stalled, so here we go.

I was upset at first.  Very upset.  And now, honestly, I’m feeling so much better.  I got to meet with my favorite midwife today, who unfortunately doesn’t have her delivery privileges yet at the hospital, but has promised to stop by on Monday and see me (she is so awesome), and was super encouraging.  She told me getting induced is not an automatic sentence for an epidural and that I can absolutely manage the pain if I believe in myself.  Which I do.  So here we go.

Gonna meet my daughter.  Right after I go buy the new Pokemon game, cause I’m really going to want something to do during those million middle-of-the-night breastfeeding sessions.