39 weeks: anytime now, kid

Alrighty, kiddo.  You passed the official (according to whom, I’m not sure) “full term” marker at 37 weeks two weeks ago.  But as of today, you’re what Mommy considers to be full term.  So you go ahead and feel free to come on out whenever you’re ready.

39 weeks!  I can’t believe it.  More importantly, I can’t believe that I have a maximum of two weeks left to be pregnant, and that I’ll be, well, un-pregnant very soon.  I will tell you the truth, I have completely forgotten what it’s like not to be pregnant.  I’m pretty sure it’s easier to move, and I remember being able to take things like Advil for a toothache instead of being stuck with Tylenol which doesn’t bloody work, but other than that… huh.  Oooh, I do miss my own clothes.

So, I do know that I’ve got some real-life friends who read my updates here – I warn you, the rest of this entry may be just a bit TMI.  The great part about being at the end of the pregnancy is that it’s all talk about cervixes and dilating, which is potentially interesting for a few, but unlikely to thrill my RL buddies.  You’ve been warned.  🙂

Had my weekly prenatal visit on Thursday, and it went without a hitch as usual – NST was good, fluid levels are just enough (I reeeally need to drink more water, though, I should focus on that today).  Talked to my midwife about newborn procedures, which was very reassuring – we went through the big three (eyedrops, Vitamin K, Hep B vaccine), and she agreed with our plan to go ahead and say yes to the Vit K, but refuse the eyedrops and delay the Hep B vaccine until her first month appointment.  The eyedrops specifically protect against eye infections from chlamydia and gonorrhea ONLY, which Mer and I have been tested for, so no need for that – and while we are veeeerry pro-vax, neither of us see the need for a vaccine at birth for something that is communicable via bodily fluids only.  So, I need to add those things to my birth plan, but the midwife assured me that I can deny those procedures easily, no big deal.  As for having the baby skin-to-skin right after, she also said that I can have the kiddo essentially as long as I want, and that even though they might try and gently persuade me to give up the baby to be weighed, etc., as long as everything went well with the birth, they can check the baby while I’m holding her. 

Then, the midwife mentioned that I had asked to have my cervix checked at this stage, just to get a baseline for where we were at at 39 weeks.  Turns out, I am in fact 1 cm dilated already, and 50% effaced, which is pretty good!  It shows that progress has started.  The baby has already started to drop so much that I measured only 36 weeks in fundal height, which she assured me was normal and specifically due to the baby’s head being more in my pelvis.  I’m pretty sure she’s dropped even MORE since that appointment – yesterday, I all of a sudden realized that I could eat a TON at a time, and I’m freaking starving.  I haven’t been able to eat this quantity at one time in a super long time.  I’m at 13 pounds gained now, which is still 7 pounds below what they set for my top limit, so I think I’m okay to eat my fill.  😛

So, things are progressing – midwife said to have lots of sex to keep it going, which Merry was of course distraught about (yeeeah), getting checked was only somewhat uncomfortable, not really painful at all (hell, at 31, I’ve had a LOT of yearly exams, those things aren’t any big deal to me anymore).  She stretched things a little while she was checking, and I’ve been losing mucus plug in small pieces since then, so I’m hoping we can get all the way to having my membranes swept by Monday.  If that’s the case, then I may get this kid on her due date after all! 

Baby purchases… we’re done, really.  I want to pick up that Mei Tai carrier I’ve been wanting, but that’s pretty much it.  I think I’m set even postpartum-wise, but it’s not as if I can’t pick things up after.  The lovely part about having a husband that works at a superstore type place like Fred Meyers is that they have everything you might need and then some. 

Baby soon, please?  Yes.