38 weeks: nearly there, kids

I mentioned to Merry this evening that I am in fact 14 days away from my due date, to which he replied, “Nope nope nope.”  So it’s good to confirm that the panic is still there in some form.  😛

I have no idea why I’m awake – I was SO tired three hours ago.  Zombie-like, in fact.  Actually, I know why I’m awake… I was persuaded (mkay, it didn’t actually take much persuasion, to be honest) to indulge in a little hanky panky with the husbeast and it had the result it always has for us – him snoring away, me bouncing off the walls and full of energy.  Real funny, Mother Nature.  Thanks for that.  Wish it could be a magic sleep potion for me like it is for him, but no such luck.

I have become an eating MACHINE this week.  Still, at my appointment on Friday, right at the exact same weight I was at 32 weeks.  It’s getting ridiculous, mostly because they insist on weighing me at each biweekly visit, including the ones where I’m just having an NST done.  I think they do it to check for sudden weight gain, which can indicate pre-eclampsia due to swelling.  But seriously – I’ve been at a 9-10 pound gain for a month and a half (it fluctuates by a few ounces depending on what I’m wearing and whether I’ve eaten beforehand).  It ain’t for lack of trying, kids.  I’m packing it away like a freaking pro wrestler trying to make a higher weight class.  But nothing doing.  This actually makes me think that when I give birth, I’ll be able to start some good weight loss momentum, meaning if I’m clever, I can drop below my pre-pregnancy weight without even really trying at first because of breastfeeding.  Crossing my fingers.

Still having a relatively happy pregnancy, although my hips are trying to kill me.  I suppose it means she’s dropping, which is good, but it’s not as if it’s helping things up above my uterus – my midwife said that I’m not getting the same relief from the rib kicks and the heartburn that other women get after the baby drops because my little brat of a daughter is mega stretched out in there.  Great.  Make yourself comfortable, kid.  You ain’t got much longer to beat up my insides, and then you can have the whole world to stretch out in. 

I had pretty much no Braxton Hicks contractions today, and I usually have tons.  I’m going to assume it’s because I stayed home all day and barely got up off my ass to do anything – rest must have helped them.  Still, it makes me nervous, and I have no idea why.  In my ridiculous brain, I keep thinking it means she’s, like, moving back up somehow?  And I’m never going to go into labor?  WTF, brain.  You’re dumb.  Also, I’m having a BH as we speak, so I think my body is trying to prove me wrong now.  It does that sometimes.

Hospital bag is half packed.  It’s hard to put clothes in there when I want to keep wearing them – if I put my yoga pants in now, I can’t wear them every day!  Hell with that.  And if you think I’m waddling around 24/7 in a hospital gown for 2 straight days, you got another think coming.  I’m not even giving birth in a hospital gown – I was told clearly I could wear my own clothes and that’s what’s happening.  But I figure labor takes so long, it’s not as if I can’t pack it when things get started.

Augh, this snore machine next to me.  Sigh.  I doubt I’ll even notice my lack of sleep after the baby comes.  As I’ve said before, when you’ve had insomnia for as long as I have, and when pregnancy makes it even worse, you don’t dread the sleepless baby nights.  Bring it on.