37 weeks: full term yeahYUH

Hell yeah, you guys.  I made it to 37 weeks.  I’m so happy.  I mean, I really still want to make it to 40, just because I’m nervous about potential lung development issues, etc., but I know that chances are, she’s totally ready and good to go.  So let the process at least begin, says I.

And I’m pretty sure it is in fact beginning.  I get crampy literally every night now and most mornings, my days are riddled with Braxton Hicks contractions (although a good portion of those come from when I bend down or pick something up), and the midwife confirmed that the baby’s head is in fact starting to slowly come down – it’s right above my pubic bone now, which is freaky deaky.  Next week, I’ve agreed to let them start checking me, mostly because I’m curious.  So fucking exciting.

We had another talk about induction stuff, and the midwife confirmed that yes, she and the other midwives had had a conference about me and they’ve decided to go ahead and let me go as far as 41 weeks despite the UW’s insistence that I be delivered by 39.  HALLELUJAH.  I’m so happy that I’m being given every chance to go into labor naturally.  I was born 4 days after my due date – my mom went into labor the night before at 3 days past and I was born in the early morning.  So I am relatively confident that I’ll deliver before 41.  As I’ve said before, all I wanted was the chance to get to 40 on my own if my body wanted it.  I just don’t want an early baby UNLESS my body wants to deliver her early. 

The midwife said that what they want to do is follow me very closely, watch for signs of labor starting, and then use some low-key type things to help labor along, like stripping my membranes if I’m dilated enough, etc.  I am a-ok with that. 

My blood pressure was 100/68, which was awfully convenient considering that it helped make my case for why I should be able to avoid induction.  I mean, for shit’s sake, tie that in with the ZERO other signs of pre-eclampsia, and I’m still not worried.  I need to get better about my water intake, though – I am worried about my fluid being on the low end of average, so I’d like to get more hydrated and help combat that.

There is a very persistent knee poking at my belly nowadays.  I have to constantly coach it back in, but I’m not winning the war, if you know what I mean.  Boy, there really is a point where the baby moving kinda loses its magic and just becomes so fucking uncomfortable.  Grargh.

The to do list!  Let’s see.  We did MOST of the dining room, it’s looking a lot better.  Again, the bedroom is rearranged, the linen closet is done, and the house has had a general clean-up, although it still needs vacuuming and scrubbing in random places.  I have a giant bag of hand me down clothes to sift through today, because I totally didn’t already have enough.  😛  Lunch with Merry will happen at some point, and then I think I really ought to take photos of the nursery – it’s so cute, and I haven’t shown anyone yet.  🙂

And there you go.  Gotta hit full term running, otherwise the panic will set in and then OHMYGODHEREITCOMES.  See?  I can go crazy, or I can clean.  The choice is obvious.  😛