36 1/2 weeks: i’m so naughty

YOU GUYS.  I still feel guilty about this… well, a little.  Merry and I had intended on buying a new travel play yard for the kiddo to sleep in for the first few months, since she’ll be rooming in where her food is kept (i.e. right next to me).  I in fact went and bought one last month, but it ended in us returning the thing due to a massive debacle with defective parts and a manufacturer that we couldn’t get ahold of.  So, after much debate, we just picked up a used one on Craigslist yesterday for $50.  Considering that it’s very cute, in good shape, and half the price of a regular play yard, I figured we did good.

And then, I mention to Merry that I still have a 20% off coupon for Babies R Us and nothing that I want to buy there.  He reminds me of the diaper bag I’d been lusting after for months, which I’d somehow managed to block from my mind.  And the wheels start turning.  I’m so naughty.

Needless to say, the bag came home with me yesterday.  I still can’t believe I blew $50 on a bag – the most I’ll spend on a purse even is $40, and that’s pushing it.  But oh, this lovely diaper bag.  I mean, I AM giving up using a purse for this damn thing, it might as well be cute, right?  Right.  And we’ve still spent no more money than originally planned.

The to-do list got chipped at a teeny bit on Sunday – our room is in fact now arranged very well, I just need to sort out the closet.  And the linen closet is done.  But still, the dining room… it lingers like my white whale.  And there’s just so much random cleaning left to do, like scrubbing the bathtub and shit like that.  Weird shit.  Ah, well, in due time.

NST went very well today, the little one is still very active and happy and doing well.  I’m also doing pretty damn well myself – I keep waiting for the epic discomfort of the last few weeks of pregnancy to hit, and nothing yet.  And I’m full term in a few days!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I honestly do think pregnancy suits me.  I mean, I pee a lot, and I miss pooing like a regular person, and sleep is not awesome… but I’m so rarely in actual pain.  We’ll see how I feel in a couple of weeks, I suppose.  🙂


36 weeks: hello, insomnia

Yeah… I might have made a crazy Facebook rant in the middle of the night last night about how people who say things like “catch up on your sleep while you can!” are the devil.  It is not a nice thing to say to a pregnant woman, period.  First off – sleeping during pregnancy, especially during the last month, is damn near impossible for any stretch of time that would allow a person to feel rested.  And secondly – SLEEP IS NOT CUMULATIVE.  Goddamnit.

Anyway.  Things are much the same this week, just plugging along.  My 36 week appointment was very straightforward yesterday, the kid was cooperative and full of kicks – too many kicks in my opinion, but that might be because they stopped being cute a while ago and now they’re just painful and annoying.  Still love you, kid… just, y’know, stop fucking kicking my ribs and headbutting me in the bladder.

Great, now she has hiccups cause I said that.  I’m so good at this.

So, I will be full term in a week.  Not that that means anything in particular to me – there’s still a lot of development to do between weeks 37-39 in my opinion.  But I am okay with the process starting, and I do hope that things at least start moving very shortly.  If I do end up having to be induced, it needs to be with favorable conditions.  And obviously, if I can magically go into labor on my own, all that induction crap goes out the window.  I can’t do anything to MAKE it happen, but a gal can hope.  🙂

Next week is the group B strep test, meaning a swab in an… intimate place.  I have no issue with that, but I’m kinda hoping that it means they’ll go ahead and check me as well since I’ll be there all buckass naked from the waist down.  I know it doesn’t mean much, but jeez, it would be nice to hear I’ve started dilating or something.

We have done… nothing on our to do list.  I keep waiting for Merry to have a day off, which seems to be never ever.  Actually, he does have tomorrow off, which is nice.  I want to do all the household stuff that isn’t the dining room and fix our bedroom up so it’s ready to go.  Also, Costco is definitely a necessary trip.

Home stretch, kids.  If I do end up with an induction, I’m looking at 3 more weeks.  Whoo boy.