35 weeks: the to-do list

I’m due a month from tomorrow, guys.  That’s pretty freaky.

Started my twice weekly NSTs this week – I had one yesterday that was super irritating.  It was scheduled for 11, and I had a sneaking suspicion because of the baby’s recent habits that she’d be sleeping when I got there.  Lo and behold, I sat there for almost an hour because the kid just WOULD NOT MOVE.  She was doing fine, nothing bad happening, just dozing.  We tried the buzzer, cold water, etc.  I felt bad, since I was making my midwife pause her lunch repeatedly to check on me.  Finally, she mentioned that she just needed one more good reactive movement (meaning a significant movement with an acceleration in heartbeat), and I offhandedly said, “She usually moves if you poke her.”

“Does she?” my midwife replied.  “So, if I just push here, cause I’m pretty sure this is where her back is…” she pushed, and the kid totally shifted.  “You were right!”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  This kid can be all crazy kung fu when she wants to, but if she’s not feeling like moving, poking her always works.  I just couldn’t poke her myself too well with the monitors.  So, I got to leave, problem solved.

My blood pressure is confusing me.  It was 102/60 yesterday.  That’s intended to be a super good number, right?  But every time it measures like that, it’s on a day where I’m feeling crappy – I’m lethargic, I get tired very quickly, and I just want to lie down all day.  On the other hand, at my last appointment, it was 120/80 and I was having a great day – plenty of energy, no dizziness or fatigue, nothing.  Why am I on this medicine again?  Jesus!  I wish at least I could reduce the dose.  I’m not going to do anything about it right now, since those low numbers are what’s going to hopefully keep me from being induced early, but I’m so glad I’m weaning off the stuff by 6 weeks after the birth.  I might pursue a very low dose (I’m on the second to lowest dose at the moment) later on to keep my anxiety and occasional heart palpitations in check, but I can’t be doing this shit otherwise.  And I’m sure as soon as I lose a bit of weight, it’ll be around 120/80 naturally all the time, which I’m fine with.

So!  Last night, Merry and I made the official To Do Before Kid Arrives list.  It’s a pretty short damn list!  I’m pleased.  I think that it’s quite doable, and I’ll list it here to try and keep me aware of it.  All the household task stuff will be done by the end of next week – Merry has a 3 day break and we’ll be finishing it then.

To Do Before Baby Explosion:

  • call and meet with pediatrician if necessary (already chosen)
  • organize dining room
  • clean bathroom
  • work on garage
  • re-arrange bedroom for optimal baby-ness (she’s sleeping with us for the first few months)
  • buy all postpartum items
  • finish off Amazon registry (some postpartum stuff, last of baby necessities)
  • pack hospital bags
  • re-do linen closet (20 minute job)
  • clean car and adjust car seat (10 minute job)
  • figure out where to re-home the cat food to get it out of our room
  • stock up on paper products, water bottles, food staples and pet items for 1 month supply

I’m pretty confident we’ll get to everything on the list.  In the meantime… panicking seems like a good use of my time.  That and eating.