34 weeks: can I get a hells yeah?

Okay, so, I’m technically 35 weeks.  But I keep accidentally doing this thing where I tell myself, eh, I’ll wait until after my midwife appointment to blog, which is every Friday.  Then, I only have a window of a day or two (I’ve been told conflicting things about whether my weeks turn over on Saturdays or Sundays – I usually just count Saturday and Sunday is my buffer day) to get the thing written, and half the time I forget.  I’m good at this shit.

But, since this is about what happened at 34 weeks, we’ll call it as such.  I can do another post for 35. 

So, quite the uneventful week for the most part.  I’m still considering myself damn lucky in the pregnancy symptom category – some aches and pains, heartburn that goes away completely with my lovely little bottle of prescription strength Zantac, and some unfortunate bathroom issues that honestly might just be my IBS being stupid.  And the fact that I have IBS makes it so that even when I do have these things happen, it’s so par for the course for me I forget that they MIGHT be pregnancy related.  Hah.  Except for the constipation – honestly, that’s a new one.  But it’s manageable.

Merry got the car seat installed, and it is lovely.  It’s actually a bit funny, though – I’ve realized that most people who pass by the car and see the seat assume there’s a baby inside without really looking, making it so that I look like I’m constantly forgetting my baby when I get out of my car.  Hah!  If they take 2 seconds to look, they’d see the big old baby belly and realize what’s going on.  Here’s hoping they do.  😛

I started with the pregnancy tea in earnest last week – that and the evening primrose oil.  The former is just a uterine toner with some general wellness herbs that taste yummy, and the latter is supposed to simply soften my cervix, that’s all.  I’m not worried about starting them at this stage – they take a while to work, and I’m on a pretty low dose of the EPO.  I’m not using it vaginally either, which is what the hardcore ladies do.  But I thought I’d better get going on these things early to try and help along that 39 week induction.

Speaking of that induction…

So, had my midwife appointment Friday, of course.  NST went great, kid is wiggly as usual but now has officially run out of enough room to actually ESCAPE the monitor, so the tests go a LOT smoother.  She still tries to kick it off, but tough cheese, kiddo. 

My actual appointment was with the newer midwife – not the student, thank god (I haven’t seen her since the first time), but a midwife who has actually been delivering for a while but is new to the clinic.  She’s only doing clinical stuff at the moment, but one of the other midwives mentioned she’ll likely be delivering by the time I’m full term, so I have a decent chance of having her at the birth.  I like her a lot – I’m so relieved, since I officially know now that I like ALL of the midwives there.  🙂 

We’re going on with the appointment as usual, Merry is there with me.  He’d been pushing me earlier to just ask point blank about the 39 week thing rather than make assumptions, and I was afraid to.  But, I ended up sucking it up and just asking, without mentioning induction, why my appointments were only scheduled out until 39 weeks. 

This is what I was told:  it’s more that I will be taken on a ‘wait and see’ basis.  Meaning that because my blood pressure is so controlled with the medication, and because I’m showing no signs of pre-eclampsia or other complications, I will probably be allowed to go PAST 39 weeks, but on an appointment by appointment basis.  She was pretty adamant that 41 weeks would be as far as they would push it, and she did mention that if I wanted to, I could ask for an induction myself any time after 39, but as for there being a hard and fast deadline… nope! 

I can’t explain to you how relieved I am.  All I wanted was to A) be allowed to go full term to 40 weeks; and B) be allowed to see if my body would naturally start to go into labor before induction techniques were implemented.  Now, I know that it’s very likely that I can have both, and I’m so, so pleased.  I myself wouldn’t have wanted to go past 41 anyway – the risks start to creep in around 42, and I’m sorry, but that’s just too damn long to be pregnant.  However, at 40, I shall be content, provided the kiddo is already starting her entrance.  Honestly, the ENTIRE thing could happen naturally now, which means I could have every chance of having the birth I want providing a lack of complications – a lengthy labor at home before coming to the hospital, being able to use all the resources available to me including the laboring tubs, and so on.  I feel more confident than ever now that I can do this unmedicated.  I understand that I may have to change my plan if things go unexpectedly, but as it stands, I’m ready for this.  Barring any complications, this kid is coming out and I’m going to be 100% present for it.  🙂

The midwife and I talked about that very issue, and she was so excited that I wanted to go unmedicated – it was really funny!  She said her last hospital pushed the epidurals very hard and fast, so I think she’s just eager to have some success stories in the NUCB (natural unmedicated childbirth) arena.  I would love to be one for her or the other midwives, man.  Here’s hoping.

I’ll tell you the truth – my fear of needles, being immobilized, and being catheterized are enough to keep me well away from that epidural shit.  I know childbirth will be horribly painful, but it really doesn’t seem worth it to me.

Anyway.  It was a nice start to my weekend.  Now, Merry and I continue our nesting, which I can write about next time, seeing as how it deserves a post all its own – SO MUCH PROGRESS.  Holy shit.