33 weeks: octopus baby

SO MANY LIMBS IN SO MANY PLACES.  I have no freaking clue how there will be enough room by the end for this kid.  For some reason, my uterus has done all of its growing up rather than out.  I truly doubt I look 8 months pregnant to strangers.  That whole ‘belly as a table’ thing?  Never happened to me.  I suppose there’s still time, we’ll see.  My belly button is completely normal, no shallower.  So weird.  But at least I don’t get crap comments from people about being ready to pop or whatever.

The baby shower went just fine – plenty of food, most of the guests showed up, the weather held, and it was fun.  🙂  Got along with the in-laws okay as well, although there were a few hiccups.  Nothing new, honestly.  I did get badgered into opening gifts there, and everyone got to oooh at the clothes, which is apparently all anyone ever wants from a damn baby shower, so who knows.  😛

I discovered two categories of people – those who bought not only off our registry but really paid attention to what I had marked most important (and therefore, our cloth diaper shopping is almost done!  Yay!), and those who just bought random things at discount stores or on clearance.  I laughed when I got home and started taking tags off of clothes – it was too funny how many little bits of orange stickers were left.  😛

Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with any of our gifts, and I have no issue with getting clearance things or used stuff – I’m a born bargain shopper!  It was just funny how those two categories were represented.  And it does make me also laugh to think of all the people who just claim, “Let people buy you clothes at the shower, you can always return them!”  No, no you cannot, not always.  😛

The second you have a girl, man – people just wanna buy baby clothes.  They can’t help themselves.  Even I have been wandering down aisles in stores, drooling over cute things.  I never buy them, cause I have more important shit to spend my money on, but crap, I can see the temptation!  It’s hard to resist.

I had my LAST appointment with the douchebag hypertension doctor – PRAISE JESUSALLAHBUDDHA.  I am so done with that jackass.  He managed to effectively be a jackass right up until the end – he implied as he was walking out the door that if I didn’t get on birth control immediately after I have the baby that I will be popping them out left and right with no concern for anything.  I was like, sure.  Because being pregnant with my first child at 31 years old, after having being married to my husband for almost 4 years… seems like I’m a really good candidate for irresponsibility.  Even if I wanted to have another immediately – that’s my goddamn right.  I’m married, in a stable position, my husband has a fantastic career and I’m a year away from my own degree.  So, um, fuck you, dude.  But hey – all done with that asshole!  Whee!

The ladies up at the clinic were super nice, as usual, all wishing me luck and saying goodbye.  🙂  I will send them photos afterward.  The woman who did my NST was so awesome – she explained everything on the monitor in detail.  The NST machine at my midwife clinic isn’t as fancy, so I can’t really read it, but this one was super cool.  I was told that I have a very happy baby – thrilled, in fact, as the nurse told me – and that I’m totally having contractions, which I was pretty sure of, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.  I’m not in labor or anything, they don’t mean much, but it’s nice to know my uterus works.  🙂

And, my weekly midwife appointment was today, all is still well.  I need to get my damn Tdap shot, which I keep forgetting about (or subconsciously putting off, because ugh more needles), but I also have a neat little form for my birth plan, which is cool.  I have most of my decisions made in that regard, I just need to put them on paper.  Basically, I have very few requests for the birth, but several very important things that I need the midwives and nurses to know regarding the care of my newborn, and that’s important to have on paper.

The nursery is 95% done.  I have to do a bit more organizing, but we’re all set to go, essentially.  As soon as the completion coupon shows up on Amazon, I will be ordering another dozen infant prefolds, a manual breast pump, a Mei Tai carrier (I decided it would be a nice alternative to the Moby if I feel like it’s too hot to wear it), and a liner for the diaper pail.  Then we are SET.  Holy bejesus.  That is downright terrifying.

Tomorrow, Merry will be putting the car seat in the car.  Which is even more terrifying, because it signals the final countdown (doo doo dooooo doo… doo doo DOOT doo doo).  I also have one month left to clean the entirety of my house.  Fuck.  At least the bedrooms are all clean.  The bathrooms… ecchhh.