28 weeks: the reckoning

I was going to wait until the end of the week to do a 28 week update, mostly because I figured there would be actual interesting things to write about then.  But hey – maybe I’ll do 2.  We’ll see.

So. Many. Appointments.  I’ve been dreading this week for quite a while now.  I would give my left foot for it to just be over, but what has to happen has to happen.  I don’t have to be excited about it, though.  So nyah.

Tomorrow is my 28 week prenatal appointment, complete with glucose tolerance test.  I’ve been dreading this stupid thing since I first found out about it at 2 months pregnant.  I realized this weekend that I didn’t have the energy to really dread it anymore – I just don’t give a crap at this point.  If I have gestational diabetes, I’ll deal.  Whatever.  But I know the test will be no fun regardless.  My clinic doesn’t do the 1 hour (which is actually good, since the 1 hour has many false positives that lead to being put through the 3 hour unnecessarily), they just do what I’m pretty sure will be the 2 hour test.  That still means 3 blood draws and 75g of sugar, though.  Whee.

Anyways.  I also have our third childbirth class tonight, then on Thursday, I have my next appointment at UW in the afternoon and a breastfeeding class in the evening.  And I somehow need to get to Ikea in between those two to buy our crib.  What a mess of a week.  And Merry doesn’t even have the weekend off like usual – starting Friday, he’s working 7 straight days.  😦  The money is lovely, but I miss my Mermer.

We had an ultrasound last Thursday for growth – the kiddo is measuring only 2 days behind, which is fine by me.  We’re still at about the 25-30th percentile, from what I can tell.  The most entertaining part was that during the ultrasound, we got to see her grab her foot and bring it up TO HER FACE – it was practically over her head.  Then, she started playing with her toes.  The tech was so shocked and entertained.  🙂  We explained that Merry is hypermobile, meaning he’s double-jointed.  He says when he was young, he could put both legs behind his head easily.  So, it’s looking like the little miss will also be the queen of flexibility.  Maybe I AM carrying a gymnast after all.  Hah.

With her measurements, though, I found out that where she’s lacking in size is her femur bone, meaning she has short legs.  To which I looked at Merry and went, “Well, DUH.”  I’m 5 foot 3, and absolutely NONE of my height is in my legs.  I have the stubbiest legs ever.  So clearly, someone is inheriting my body type.  Short, muscled, and flexible – that’s my kid.  🙂

Merry is more excited for the breastfeeding class than he should be.  I think maybe, somewhere deep down, he’s hoping that we’ll all just whip out our tits for some reason.  Eh, I’ll let him have his fantasies.  🙂

Little Miss is also sitting transverse at the moment, meaning she’s laying side to side rather than head down.  It’s still early days, she does have another month or so to turn before there’s any reason to worry – but I do feel a tad bit nervous.  If she doesn’t go, it’s automatic C-section.  Bah.  Still, it explains why I never get kicked in the ribs like so many women do, and why I can feel movement on both sides of my stomach pretty frequently – often at the same time when she stretches. 

In other awesome news, we’ve made excellent progress nursery-wise.  The giant bunk bed is dismantled and ready to go to my father’s house, and the futon mattress that was on top of it now has a frame so that it can become an awesome couch.  It’s a super nice frame, and we got it for free – whee!  We had to fit it in our 2 door Yaris hatchback yesterday, though – if only you could have seen THAT comedy of errors.  After managing to get that entire frame in there, I’m not even worried about a car seat anymore.  😛

My baby shower has been scheduled, the park shelter is reserved and people have been invited.  Very exciting!  It’ll be on my birthday – it was a convenient day, and I never do much on my birthday anyways.  This way, I’ll get cake and presents still!  😛 

I’m sure there’s other shit to mention, but I’m falling over tired (yay random fatigue!) and it’s definitely naptime.