25 weeks: time, please stop flying by

I need somebody to come to my house and smack me every time I start to worry about gestational diabetes.  It’s seriously taking over my life.  I have no idea why – I can’t change it if I do have it, I have no signs other than being overweight at the start of my pregnancy (although my weight gain has been super moderate), and my A1C screen that they did at about 10 weeks came back normal.  And the kid is measuring small, for crap’s sake – the absolute OPPOSITE of what GD does to baby size.  Still, there’s always a chance.  And that chance keeps me panicking.  I have to stay the fuck away from Google, too.  Augh.

Still eating ice cream, though.  Because fuck it, that’s why.  I barely ever ate ice cream or sweets before I got pregnant, and I’m indulging my damn cravings now while I actually have them.  I usually have a serving a day. 

Leo, my kitten, does not seem to want to let me type right now – he keeps sticking his paws on the keys and thinking he’s more qualified to write this post.  Thanks, dude.  I best keep it short.

This week went so completely quick that I forgot I was 25 weeks along.  As in, I thought it was still 24 for some reason, and now I’m a day away from 26 weeks.  And 26 is the LAST week in the second trimester.  Too much left to do, and RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  Shit’s about to get done this weekend, though.  Yesssss.

First childbirth class is Tuesday.  It’s Lamaze, so I’m prepared to ignore most of it, but it was free, and I’ll get some extra info plus a tour of the hospital birth center, which is what I want the most.  Good times.