21 weeks: holy crap, calm down, kid

There is a baby with a VENGEANCE inside of me.  Seriously.  She is the queen of wiggling.  I’m starting to be able to tell the difference with movement – like, what’s a kick vs a flip, etc.  Today and yesterday have been all about the somersaults.  Mini gymnast inside, apparently.

I got to have my first set of bladder kicks last week as well.  That was awesome.  Laying down, minding my own business – a tiny little tap – and then OH MY GOD I HAVE TO PEE GOTTA RUN.  I’m constantly grateful I live in a house in the master bedroom where I have a bathroom just a few steps away.

I have to go back to the stupid goddamn asshole hypertension specialist next week.  I knew this was coming, it’s just an 8 week check, but baaaahhh I don’t want to.  For some reason, even though the medication has totally lowered my BP and my midwives are quite happy with it, I’m afraid he’s going to try and stick me with an extra med.  I’ve started taking extra magnesium and calcium supplements along with plenty of vitamin D in the hopes that it’ll all help keep me steady.  Merry says that he’s seen two women come into his pharmacy who have the same doctor and are on THREE different meds.  As soon as he told me that, I decided to stop whining about my one medication.  My little girl will be fine.

Speaking of fine little girls – no phone calls all week from my midwives, meaning that there were no problems with my ultrasound!  Yay!  The tech did say I may have to come back in since the kid wasn’t cooperating with having pictures of her face taken (sounds like her mom) and had her arm over her head.  Since they usually need face photos to check for cleft palates and the like, the tech said I might need another scan in 4 weeks.  However – since the hypertension clinic in Seattle wants me to have a growth scan at 28 weeks, my midwives might just be lumping it all together at that point.  Which works for me.

The other night, Merry and I were spooning, and he slipped his hand under my shirt and rested on the side of my belly.  A minute later, he popped his head up, startled.  I asked him what was up, and he said, “I swear I can feel the baby’s heartbeat.”  I think he was expecting me to laugh at him, but I informed him that yes, that’s probably totally what he was feeling.  One of my many pregnancy apps actually said at 21 weeks that your partner would very likely be able to hear the heartbeat just by laying on your stomach.  So there you go.  He hasn’t been able to feel any kicking yet, since she’s still so inconsistent.  So, I think that moment was pretty neat for him.  I’m glad.

A little over 18 weeks to go.  That’s downright terrifying.