20 weeks: halfway home, and grand discoveries

It has been quite the milestone time, this Memorial Day weekend.  I hit 20 weeks today, which I’m feeling pretty damn good about. 

Best of all, our anatomy scan revealed something quite nice – our little one is in fact of the female variety.  THAT MEANS GIRL.  Not until the tech revealed that did I realize just how badly I wanted to have a girl.  I had been so sure the baby was a boy, but I’m pretty damn happy to have been wrong.  So exciting.

So, my little girl has been moving all over the damn place this week.  I had my first “Holy crap, she just kicked me in the bladder and NOW I MUST PEE IMMEDIATELY” moment last night – it was the weirdest thing EVER.  And she did it twice while I was trying to sleep.  Thanks, kid.

I can’t shake this vision of my little curly-haired girl.  I’m so excited to meet her.  Knowing that it’s a girl has made it so REAL.  It’s hard not to picture her all the time now.

Too much smooshiness and emotion.  I REJECT THEE.  Time to get hardcore.  And eat a grilled cheese sandwich.  Aw, yeah.