19 weeks: i’m on a roll, people

YES.  I had a fantastic midwife appointment yesterday, and I refuse to think that Friday will go in any manner other than awesomely.  That is my attitude of the moment.  LOOK OUT, WORLD.

So, yesterday.  I met the third and final midwife in my practice, who I thoroughly enjoyed.  I kinda hope she’ll be delivering the kid – but you never know who I’ll get.  Still, they’re all very nice, so I’ll be fine. 

Gained weight, as I had expected – 4 pounds.  It’s all good, though.  I’m still at -3 from my pre-pregnancy weight, and I feel fine about it.  I wasn’t going to get to nearly 20 weeks without some weight gain.  It was gonna happen.  And look how much room I have left!  I can still gain 23 pounds and be in the target range for my body.  I don’t plan on gaining 23 pounds, but you know. 

She asked if I had been feeling movement, and I replied, “Um, I think?”  This was apparently the correct response for a first-time pregnant woman – she laughed and reassured me that it was definitely movement I was feeling.  When she checked the height of my uterus, it was right on target, and she again emphasized not to doubt the feelings – it’s definitely the kid.  So that’s nice to know.  No more doubts.  😛  She found the heartbeat immediately and said it sounded excellent.

And, my blood pressure was great.  It keeps falling – the fact that it was 132/82 at the office means that it’s definitely hovering around the 120s/70s during the day (I always, always have elevated BP at a doctor’s office in the beginning).  So I’m confident the medication is working, and I’m good to go.  My husband is a pharm tech, and he told me he had a woman come in who sees my same specialist.  She was of normal weight and was on THREE different BP meds.  So I’m considering myself lucky at this point.  No more whining.  🙂

Symptom-wise, things are good!  I see why the second trimester is the easiest one.  Other than having pooping be a new adventure, and having increased allergies (although part of that is the horrible season we’re having here in the PNW), I’m pretty damn happy.  I am apparently one of those lucky women who gets to look all Earth mother-y and glowy.  For once, this bitch catches a break!

Tomorrow is my anatomy scan, and we will finally (hopefully) know ONCE AND FOR ALL what this damn kid is.  I’m tired of having these weird intuitions about it being a boy and then doubting myself all the time.  If it’s a girl, excellent!  If it’s a boy, lovely.  I JUST NEED TO KNOW.  I’m not even buying gendered clothing, for crap’s sake – I just neeed to know.  Literally no one involved with this kid has a preference, except for my idiot little brother, who is convinced that if I have a girl it will be the end of the world.