Complaint of the Week – Appointments

Now, I get that pregnancy sends you to the doctor’s office pretty frequently.  I knew I’d be seeing a lot of my midwife early on – but this month kinda takes the cake.  Here’s what April has entailed so far/has coming up:

  • 4th – nuchal translucency screen – ultrasound and blood test (with 24 pee collection the day before)
  • 18th – appointment at the University of Washington with the hypertension specialists because of my stupid borderline high blood pressure
  • 24th – 15 week appointment (standard – pee in a cup/doppler/discuss results from UW appt/etc)
  • 29th – blood test for second part of sequential screening (done in conjunction with blood work from the 4th)

May had better be a little less busy.  I’m starting to go nuts here.  It doesn’t help that every time I give blood, I’m bruised for a week afterward.  My phlebotomist is super good at her job, but I bruise no matter what.  Can’t be helped.  And my veins suck balls to find.  I’m going to try guzzling craptons of water this time to see if it helps.

You better be worth all of this, baby.  None of these appointments are even fun – the ultrasound on the 4th was neat, but that’s it.  At least in May, we’ll be able to find out the sex of the kid.  That’ll be something neat.