18 weeks: is that gas?

I’m pretty convinced at this point that I’ve felt the kid move.  Just in the past few days, at least – shit’s jiggling around in there, and I’m pretty doubtful at this point that it’s gas.  It feels different.  And it’s not really flutters, either – it’s little thumps.  But we’ll see.  If it just turns out that I’m nuts, I won’t be surprised.

I’m obviously pregnant now to those people who know me, but not to strangers.  Which makes me very excited – if I get to the point where strangers start touching my stomach, I can’t honestly say what my reaction will be.  I’m just now adapting to my husband touching my stomach, for crap’s sake.

There is no chance at this point of me not having gained weight at my 19 week appointment.  I have been eating ALL THE THINGS.  Goodbye, lovely weight loss grace period.  Hello, baby chub.

Still been shopping like a crazy woman.  I’m going to make another post after this where I make the list of DOOM, including what I have and what I absolutely still need.  And the few things I’d like, but I don’t need for sure.  Merry and I did our Target registry yesterday, and it has about 40 things on it.  It’ll probably end up with about 50.  Keep in mind, half of the stuff is under $10, and the rest is no more than $30.  I have 3 things above $50, and one of them is the crib mattress.  I absolutely don’t expect people to buy me the expensive things, but I have them on the registry to help remind me what I need.

None of the furniture is on the list, but that’s because my dad is giving us the money for whatever we want regarding the nursery.  I told him not to, but he’s insistent.  Which is now making me cry.  Oh, for shit’s sake.  I’ll shut up now.

Mother’s Day was yesterday, and it was hard.  That’s all I can say.  I’m not quite a mom, but all I can do is miss my own mom.  I can’t imagine how much of a help and comfort she would be right now.  I know she would also be chaotic and make things hard – but I still do wish she was here.

I am so freaking convinced this child is a boy.  Hopefully we’ll find out a week from Friday.  Keep your legs uncrossed, child.  That’s all I ask.  Mommy needs to know if she’s crazy, or right.