The Baby Industrial Complex

EDIT: So, as this entry started out as a master list of baby crap to buy and we’re at the point now where I’m missing just a few items from my vast list, I’m revising the entire thing.  But, if anyone is interested in what we actually end up using/loving vs. what turns out to be a waste of space, I will absolutely do a write up on that after Her Highness arrives!

Just a few things left to buy:

  • manual breast pump
  • Mei Tai carrier
  • infant prefolds (possibly – that’s a wait and see after she comes to be sure I need them.  I get free 2 day shipping with Amazon, and I live 10 minutes away from a cloth diapering store, so I don’t mind waiting)
  • diaper pail liner
  • my postpartum supplies

Not too shabby of a list left at 35 weeks, eh?  That’s what comes from getting on this shit early.  And they all always laugh at me… hmph.  😛

My postpartum list will likely be another entry, since I want to write up what actually worked for me vs. what was a waste, same with the baby supplies.  But I definitely will make one.  As it stands, the things I’m planning on having at home are:

  • hospital supplied goods – giant granny pads, peri bottle, sexy mesh panties, lidocaine spray, Tucks pads, and whatever else I can grab that isn’t nailed down
  • Earth Mama products – Bottom Balm, Bottom Spray, and Bath Herbs
  • witch hazel for soaking and freezing some pads
  • buttloads of aforementioned pads (which I’m SO thrilled about, believe you me – haven’t worn fucking pads in 15 years)
  • another pair or two of black yoga pants – I have one dark grey pair, but I’d like at least one more to complete my yoga pant/nursing camisole/cardigan ensemble, otherwise known as the Postpartum Wardrobe of Choice

Only 5 weeks, guys!  Holy bejebus.