twelve weeks: whoops

Oh, man, the holidays hit like a ton of bricks this year.  SO BUSY.  I thought maybe I’d be able to slow down a bit what with having the kid, but no.  Even busier, cause everyone wants a piece of the baby when you have one.  Damn.

Norah will be 3 months old next week, and I’m so excited.  This past month has been so much fun with her – she’s a laughing giggling little whirlwind at the moment.  Just this past week, she decided she wasn’t up for being my little cuddlebug so much anymore, and there are times during the day where she essentially demands to be put down.  It’s kind of a bummer.  Still, they have to grow up, and at least I can get a few things done now.

Let’s see, what else is going on…

  • Breastfeeding is still rocking.  At about 8 or 9 weeks, I ended up using up my fridge stash during a growth spurt of hers and got super nervous about my supply.  So, I decided the best thing would be to switch to pretty much exclusively nursing to boost production.  The pump is great, but it doesn’t really replace nursing.  Also, she was latching just fine, and there really wasn’t any reason not to.  I can happily say now that it worked very well, that she has plenty of milk (although she does get frustrated at night sometimes because the flow isn’t fast enough – guess she’s used to fire hose in the mornings, hah) and that she really prefers the boob.  I prefer it too – it’s made my life way easier with the reduced pumping and washing of bottles and pump parts.  I bought a Medela Harmony hand pump to see if I could use it for engorgement times, and it works SO well.  With it, I was able to get my freezer stocked to 24 ounces again, yay!
  • No more bottles means that even though I will once in a while bring one on an outing, I have to nurse in public now.  I’m getting very comfortable with it –  I discovered our mall has a fantastic family lounge with little rooms to breastfeed in.  I do it in the car frequently as well.  I haven’t tried anything much beyond that yet, but I’m hoping to branch out soon.  I do cover up with a blanket most times, but not really for myself, more for other people.  I know that’s super silly, though.  I’ll get better with time.
  • Merry and I left Nono with his mom for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  It went well – it was only for an hour and a half or so.  My sister in law is very structured with her kids, they go on strict schedules and things like that, so I think my mother in law was a little confused with all the sort of liberty in front of her – she’d ask me if the baby was supposed to nap and I’d just smile and say, “If she wants to!”  I don’t schedule Norah, she’s far too little, and I firmly believe that’s why she’s such a good sleeper.  Plus, when you breastfeed on demand, there isn’t much room for scheduling.
  • Cloth diapering still going well – I discovered that I really, really like using flats.  Pockets are convenient, and Merry prefers them, but the ones we have are kinda unpredictable when it comes to leaks.  She’s just still a teeeeny bit too small.  Prefolds and flats with covers are still the number one choice to me, even though they’re super difficult to manage when we go out.  I need the pockets to start fitting just for that reason.  Sorry for the cloth diaper gibberish talk – those who know about it will understand, hah.  I’m about to order a couple Alvas and a couple Sunbabys to take a look at them.
  • I bought a beautiful Kalea Baby ring sling for Christmas, and I love it so much.  I wore Norah all through the Target this afternoon, and it worked really well, except that in my hurry to get her in it I didn’t adjust it comfortably and my neck was killing me by the end.  Still, I know what I did wrong, so I’ll fix it next time.  I’m planning on getting another Ergo-like carrier with our tax return, since the Ergo we have is really Merry’s deal – it fits him far better.
  • Norah is 12 pounds now, meaning that at 3 months she’s doubled her birthweight.  She’s sitting right at the 50th percentile – she’s the first child I’ve ever known who adheres to the sizing guidelines on her clothes EXACTLY.  Like, she is 3 months, so now she’s just slightly too big for the 0-3 clothes and just easing into the 3-6 month ones.  It’s really funny.  She’s got lovely little chub rolls and she eats like a freaking horse.  She also got her first shots at her 2 month appointment.  I was a bit nervous for her, but I needn’t have bothered – she let out one GIGANTIC scream and then huffed for a minute afterward.  That’s it.  She was back to smiling 2 minutes later.  That’s my kid.

And the big news of the month that gets its own little paragraph:

  • I have officially decided to start my doula training next month.  I’m going to be getting certified through Childbirth International, who does an online course that I’ve heard great things about.  I will be certifying in postpartum doula care only at first, meaning I won’t be attending births for probably another year or two.  Births are just too hard to attend with a little one, especially while she’s breastfeeding.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t start my business now.  I’m very excited!  I will be certifying as a CBC (Certified Breastfeeding Counselor) as well, although I don’t plan on that until next year.

Oh, shit, the beast is stirring.  At least she obliged me by letting me play on the Internet in peace for an hour.  Till next time, my lovelies.