week zero: happy birthday, little one


I mean, you all KNEW the end result of this blog would be a baby.  Right?  Or at least something resembling a baby.  🙂

Now, I wasn’t aware that I would in fact, with my husband, create the cutest baby ever born.  That came as a surprise.  But there you go.  There are some surprises left in the world, apparently.

This is Norah.  I went in for my induction Monday morning, and gave birth to her Wednesday afternoon.  That’s right kids… over 50 hours of labor.  The induction went as inductions go – however, it got massively complicated by the fact that the baby was sitting sideways with her face in my hip.  The pain level I dealt with was unimaginable as a result – this was not regular labor.  I made it until Tuesday night without an epidural, when my midwife basically sat in front of me and told me if I didn’t get one, I’d likely end up with a C-section due to failure to progress.  And she was right – we all knew it.

The epidural, while helpful, did not at all help with pushing, due to the baby’s position.  Because my midwife is once again awesome, she got me in positions that helped turn her so that in the end, she did twist and come out properly.  However, I had pushed for almost 5 hours at that time.  I nearly gave up so many times – if it hadn’t been for my midwife and my absolutely fantastic husband, I would have.  As it stood, I opted for a vacuum assisted delivery just to be sure she’d come out, and it only took one pull of the vacuum in the end.

As a result of the traumatic labor, Norah came out in pretty bad shape – lethargic, very badly bruised head, and very limp.  She was breathing on her own, but she was so listless that she got rushed away to the NICU.  It was a long week as a result, guys.  She got INSTANTLY better, however, and by day 2 after the birth when I was ready to go home, truth is, so was she.  We’re still trying to figure out why she had to stay 2 more days – but eh, such is life.  🙂  The pediatrician said she was shocked at her immune system and the fact that she made it through the entire thing without even getting more than slightly jaundiced.  She had an IV for a few days, which prevented her from coming to our room – I think otherwise, she would have been able to.  But what’s done is done.

So.  Went in Monday, gave birth Wednesday, went home Friday, got my kiddo today (Sunday).  It’s been the longest week of my life.  🙂  But, obviously, also the happiest.  This little girl is the light (literally) of my life, and she lives up to her name in every way – she is the brightest, happiest newborn I’ve ever seen.  There is no way she’ll ever be able to bring anything but joy to my life and to her father’s.  Merry is literally smitten with his little girl.

And now… we are three.