32 weeks: impending baby shower

Dudes.  My baby shower is totally tomorrow.  But so is my birthday.  Which to get more excited about?  Eh, they have equal merit in my eyes.  Plus, CAKE.  Cake is happening either way.

Merry and I kinda took charge of the shower in a lot of respects this week.  His folks just weren’t getting things done or figuring things out, and it really sucks.  We’re having far fewer guests than I expected because of it, but eh.  Honestly, I’m just ready for it to be over, cause when it is, then I can finally buy the last couple of things we need and then I can hunker down for the month of September and just rest.  We’ve only got a month and a half left, and although the house needs to be cleaned and sorted out, that’s an ongoing project for just the two of us – no distractions, no fussing with relatives, no crap.

I have a gazillion appointments in the month of September at my midwife clinic – but none in Seattle, and that’s the best part of all.  I just want to do a dance every time I think about it.  Wheeeee!

Speaking of appointments…

Had my weekly NST today.  Waltzed on in with Merry, all ready to plonk myself down for 20 minutes and enjoy the lovely sounds of my kid’s heartbeat while she floats happily.  Is that how it actually went?  FUCK NO.  And why, might you ask?  Because my child is a complete pain in the ass.

From the beginning, she would Not. Stay. Still.  The PA didn’t really listen to me when I told her where to put the monitor, so I was kinda in a precarious position on my side from the beginning, and it only got worse.  During my actual appointment, the midwife (a new one which I hadn’t met yet and who will be doing deliveries soon, apparently) spent the entire damn time moving it around my stomach, trying to get a good position.  Eventually, another midwife found a decent spot and just asked me to hold the monitor down so that the kid couldn’t kick it away like she’d been trying to do for almost an HOUR.  I held that sucker down and wiggled it right back onto her every time she banged on it – and by god, she banged on it.  She shoved, she kicked, she flipped, she did everything in her power to get rid of it.  Everyone who saw my stomach would just start laughing, because you could physically see my belly move as she tried to get rid of the monitor. 

I’m pretty sure I’m birthing some kind of lovely angel.  Right?  Fuck.

Once I had control of the monitor, we got the 20 minutes we needed.  I got my quickie ultrasound for fluid check, which the midwife implied was kinda silly, but she did it anyway, and fluid was at a normal level.  I was assured that as my pregnancy progresses, there won’t be any more of this hide and seek crap with the baby – she’s going to run out of room to move very, very soon, and so they won’t have to chase her down.  Makes me wonder why the hell these NSTs started so early, but eh.  I just roll with it.

Lastly, it’s looking like I may be facing a 39 week induction, despite the fact that my pregnancy has progressed perfectly.  I’m undecided as to my feelings about it.  I’m trying to focus on the bright side of induction and just let the rest go – I can’t do anything about it if they want to do it, and one way or the other, I’m getting this kid, so it’s all good in the end.

However, if Merry accompanies me to another NST appointment and decides it’s a good idea to play Candy Crush on his phone the entire time like he did today, this child may be coming out fatherless.  Yeah, I’m talking to you, buddy.  I WILL KILL YOU.