three weeks old: stuff

ImageSleeping so peacefully… you’d never know that ten minutes prior, she was screaming her head off because she’d managed to pee all over the clothes behind her.  Everyone warns you about baby poop and no one ever mentions the pee.  I’m here to tell you – they pee on it all.  All of it.

Also, we are in the baby acne stage at the moment, so I’m not taking as many photos.  Poor kid.  She’s still adorable, just blotchy.  Like Mama!  Seriously, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of all those damn hormones – my face is both broken out and dry as a bone at the same time.  Peely flaky uuughhh.  I need a new moisturizer.

Things are still going well.  Her damn umbilical cord finally fell off yesterday, so we can finally give the kid a real bath, which she super needs, but that’s the most exciting news of the week.  So, I thought I might devote this week’s entry to revisiting the Baby Industrial Complex and talk about the gear I got that ACTUALLY was worth it.  Keep in mind, all of my shopping was down to experimentation, so I expected some stuff to be useless.  That’s why I didn’t buy much new.  But there was some stuff that turned out to be freaking awesome.

The Oh-My-God-I’m-So-Glad-I-Bought-This-List

  • Our co-sleeper.  I originally never planned on having Norah in bed with us at all, that was what the pack & play/bassinet was for.  Then, it turned out that I’m a freaking dork that ends up dragging my kid into bed with me every morning.  She sleeps way better with us, and it’s been getting me far more sleep.  However, it wasn’t really safe, hence my investing in a co-sleeper nest that goes in the bed between the two of us.  Was it worth the money?  Um, the first night in it, the kid slept for a 7 hour stretch.  YES SO WORTH IT OH MY GOD.  Best $40 I ever spent.
  • The baby carriers.  So far, she loves them all.  She’s still a bit small for the Ergo, so we haven’t tried that one yet, but she’s been in the Moby and the Mei Tai.  My personal preference is the Mei Tai – the Moby is snuggly but SO freaking hot.  I’ll still use them both, though, since as I said, this kid loves being worn.  She doesn’t like being put down all that much, so the carriers are a lifesaver.
  • The breastfeeding pillows and bottles.  I literally can’t feed her without the My Breast Friend pillow (god, I hate that name), and she loves to lie on it and sleep after we’re done.  And when she isn’t nursing, I found the Avent Natural bottles to be best so far.  The Tommee Tippee ones are good too, but leaky.  And I do keep a Medela nipple in the diaper bag to use with my bottles of pumped milk when we go out.  
  • A nipple shield.  I bought a Tommee Tippee one on clearance months ago, and it was a lifesaver up until a couple of days ago.  She seems to be done with it now, but I still keep it around in case my nipples are beat up or sore or she doesn’t want to latch properly.  The Medela shield the lactation consultant gave me at the hospital was crappy.
  • The crapton of swaddle blankets.  I wish I had a gazillion more of these things.  They’re the best blankets, and she loves being swaddled.  They’re perfect for everything, though, and I don’t freak out if she pulls them over her face at night, cause they’re super duper lightweight breathable muslin.  
  • The cloth diapers!  These get a whooole paragraph to themselves.

I have absolutely loved cloth diapering so far.  Norah started out in the little preemie prefolds I had and the teeny tiny Bummis NB covers, but now she’s in regular newborn prefolds and her Thirsties Duo covers, which are awesome.  I also bought two Rumparooz covers that work really well.  We were using the bikini fold at first to get the Snappi to work on the tiny preemie dipes, but now we’re doing the angel wing fold with the Green Mountain NB prefolds.  I really love them – I managed to snag them during a seconds sale.

Laundering has been easy so far – they are staining (thanks, weird yellow breastfed baby poo), but I can get those out in the sun, I think.  And I recently bought some Bac-Out, which Merry has fallen in love with and is now putting in all our wash loads since it got some stains out of his work shirts.  That stuff is awesome.  So now, the staining is much less.  I love that you can just wash the crap out of prefolds and not worry about ruining things like PUL or whatever.  (We do wash our covers separately.)  

More updates on baby crap as I use various things, because I’m sure that’s what you all live for!


23 weeks: cooperate, child

Kid, why do you refuse to let your dad feel you kick?  You beat the shit out of me all day long, and the second I feel some good ones, I tell Merry, he runs to try and feel them, and then nothing.  Brat.

Maybe she’ll make up for it by kicking him constantly when she’s out.  That sounds like a plan.

Had quite a good weekend – allergies weren’t awesome, but that was more due to our cleaning and my house full of dust and pet dander.  Sigh.  Sleeping is getting slightly more uncomfortable, but I wiggle around until I make do.  I have a body pillow, but it takes up so much room in the bed that I hate using it.  Otherwise, I’m still smooth sailing when it comes to the downsides of pregnancy.  Despite my having to take medication, I’m actually having a remarkably easy pregnancy.  I’m still surprised by that.  I should probably shut up about it, lest I jinx it.

I had my first stranger today ask when I was due.  It was super odd, and I actually had to think for a minute before I replied, “October”.  That happened last time at the midwife clinic too – I totally forgot my due date for a second.  Oops.  I really am getting pretty forgetful in some ways. 

Today, I also had a fantastic score at a Goodwill – I found a Moby wrap!  Only $5, and considering those suckers are $60 new, I’m pretty damn happy.  One more thing to check off of my list.  The need to buy part of that list is actually pretty small at the moment – the last three expensive purchases are crib & mattress (which my dad is buying), an Ergo carrier, and some more cloth diapers.  At this point, I only need infant prefolds and size 1 Thirsties covers – I’m totally set with size 2, although I need a few more premium prefolds.  Of course, I keep buying random pockets and all-in-ones that I don’t freaking need off of Craigslist, because I have a problem.

I also decided to randomly check how many points we had with my bank for my debit card rewards program, and holy shit – we have 18,000!  This means we can get up to $150 in gift cards for retail like Kroger or Babies R Us, or about $200 in restaurant cards!  It’s years worth of points, after all, and we’ve never spent any, but damn.  It’s really a great discovery, and I’m looking forward to deciding with Merry what combination of cards to get. 

I have my next midwife appointment a week from tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure that’s my last appointment of my second trimester – I’m sure I’ll be going to 2 week intervals after that.  I’m scared of the third trimester, only because there’s just so much still to do.  Merry has three days off in a row next week – perhaps shit will get done then.  That would be a very good thing.  🙂

My new niece was born today – she’s #3 for my brother-in-law.  In three years of marriage.  (They’re Orthodox Jews, they work fast.)  Seeing pictures of her is only making me antsy for my own little dudette to come, although she doesn’t need to be in a hurry, that’s for sure.  Still, I am the next one to go, so there you are.  And then we’re going to STOP at one kid for a good long while. 

My kitten, Leo, has decided that the Moby is for him, and he’s all curled up on it.  Eh, he has black fur, and it’s black fabric.  That’s what washing machines are for.  😛

The Baby Industrial Complex

EDIT: So, as this entry started out as a master list of baby crap to buy and we’re at the point now where I’m missing just a few items from my vast list, I’m revising the entire thing.  But, if anyone is interested in what we actually end up using/loving vs. what turns out to be a waste of space, I will absolutely do a write up on that after Her Highness arrives!

Just a few things left to buy:

  • manual breast pump
  • Mei Tai carrier
  • infant prefolds (possibly – that’s a wait and see after she comes to be sure I need them.  I get free 2 day shipping with Amazon, and I live 10 minutes away from a cloth diapering store, so I don’t mind waiting)
  • diaper pail liner
  • my postpartum supplies

Not too shabby of a list left at 35 weeks, eh?  That’s what comes from getting on this shit early.  And they all always laugh at me… hmph.  😛

My postpartum list will likely be another entry, since I want to write up what actually worked for me vs. what was a waste, same with the baby supplies.  But I definitely will make one.  As it stands, the things I’m planning on having at home are:

  • hospital supplied goods – giant granny pads, peri bottle, sexy mesh panties, lidocaine spray, Tucks pads, and whatever else I can grab that isn’t nailed down
  • Earth Mama products – Bottom Balm, Bottom Spray, and Bath Herbs
  • witch hazel for soaking and freezing some pads
  • buttloads of aforementioned pads (which I’m SO thrilled about, believe you me – haven’t worn fucking pads in 15 years)
  • another pair or two of black yoga pants – I have one dark grey pair, but I’d like at least one more to complete my yoga pant/nursing camisole/cardigan ensemble, otherwise known as the Postpartum Wardrobe of Choice

Only 5 weeks, guys!  Holy bejebus.