16 weeks: time, it be a-flyin


I’m actually 2 days away from 17 weeks pregnant.  So, that’s even trippier.  But time just keeps on slipping slipping.

It’s May now!  Yay!  I’ve never been so happy for April to be over.  This April, I had to deal with:

  • FOUR doctor appointments, including 2 blood draws and a 2 hour drive to Seattle
  • meeting the douchiest doctor ever, who made me feel infinitely grateful to have the wonderful group of midwives that I do
  • staring at my stomach every morning to determine whether I actually looked pregnant or whether it was just chub
  • and so much more

There were several good points to April, though.  First, after one horrible scare where my blood pressure actually went UP after getting on my medication, I had a dosage change and shit finally regulated.  At least, I hope it did.  It was in normal range just 3 days after my dosage change, and the midwife assured me it would keep going down.  Second, my first trimester symptoms mostly went away!  Yay for no more nausea.  I have fatigue, but that’s cause of the meds, and it doesn’t last long.

No ultrasounds since the 4th of April, but I did get to hear the kid’s heartbeat on the 24th, and the midwife found it right away and said it was great.  No problems there.

Best part of all?  Still no weight gain!  I’m still sitting at -7 pounds since I started out, which is so great for me.  I’m eating literally every hour, but because of my activity level and massive water intake, I’m doing so well.  For me, because I’m overweight, I have a max weight goal of 20 pounds.  Because I’m at -7 well into my second trimester, this will give me far more leeway when I hit the 3rd trimester and the weight gain becomes inevitable.  Very pleased.  My midwife was very pleased as well.

Now, to fix this terrible diet.  Sigh.

I definitely look pregnant now.  No doubt about it.  I can’t put off the pregnancy photos any longer, I guess.  I just keep waiting until I have a cute hair day or something.  Yeah, right.  Keep waiting, woman.

So.  May will be a blissful month practically free of appointments – I have my regular one on the 22nd which will be another short little do at 19 weeks, and then on the 24th, ultrasound.  And THAT one will include the sex determination, which is awfully exciting.  I think I know what it is… but I want to see if I’m right.

I’ll have to post later about all the baby junk I’ve gotten so far – my bargain shopping knows no bounds.  That deserves its own post.  😛

God, I hope I can remember how nice it feels to be pregnant right now when I’m 36 weeks along, gigantic, cranky, and bitching about everything in sight.