Welcome to a list of stuff about me that you will likely find about 95% not interesting!  Yay!

My name is Moni – I’m 30 and I live in Washington state.  I’ve been married to my husband (who I refer to as Merry most of the time) for 3 1/2 years, and after a decent amount of trying, I got pregnant in January of this year.  My husband is a pharmacy technician, and I’m currently a nanny, although I will be going back to college to finish my teaching degree in about a year or so.  We plan on relocating to Portland in 2 years so my husband can start grad school to become a full pharmacist.

The kid is due October 12th.  We aren’t sure of the sex yet – we’ll be finding out hopefully on May 24th.

The both of us are humongous nerds (I will forever associate my first trimester with watching hours of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine while immobilized in bed due to fatigue), and we plan on raising our little nerdling accordingly.  I keep a pretty judgement free attitude toward parenting – I have my opinions, but you are absolutely welcome to yours.  Our choices will likely not please everyone, but I refuse to be militant about them.  Some of our plans include:

  • Breastfeeding (including pumping so Merry can participate in feeding)
  • Babywearing (to a degree, every day but not ALL day if you get my meaning)
  • Cloth diapering (besides the first week or two where we’ll use eco friendly disposables)
  • Non-circumcision (this is my husband’s choice ultimately, but we both agree)
  • Natural childbirth, to the best of my abilities and providing the universe cooperates
  • Co-sleeping (next to the bed, not in our bed – we flail around too much and the bed is quite small)

Those are just a few, and like everything, it’s all flexible.  I’m smart enough to know that life is unpredictable and you simply have to go with the flow sometimes.  🙂


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