five weeks old: playtime

This entry is labeled 5 weeks old, but Norah is in fact just two days away from 6 weeks.  That means that 6 weeks ago today, I was starting out on my lovely induction journey.  I’ve honestly managed to forget many details of the birth – I mean, I distinctly remember her ACTUAL birth, but all the shit leading up to it faded pretty fast.  Also, I can’t remember how it felt to be pregnant.  WHAT?  Seriously!  I bounced back so fast and having a new baby is such a distraction that by the time I stopped to think about it, I forgot it all.  I suppose that’s why women keep having babies, eh?

Everything is splendid on this end – this baby is seriously a freaking treasure.  Other than the odd fussy night, she sleeps so well and is so easygoing.  My milk production has gotten much better – I finally have a stash in the fridge again of about 10 ounces, which is three good sized feeds.  Total load off of my mind, I can tell you.  Unfortunately, my letdown has gotten a bit out of control – if I try and breastfeed with full boobs, I tend to spray my kid in the face.  :/  Oops.

Those of you who are Jewish might know that Hanukkah is crazy early this year – it starts on Wednesday, as a matter of fact.  So I’m having to get into the holiday stuff this year before I’m anywhere near ready, before Thanksgiving even!  It’s Norah’s first Hanukkah, so it’s important to me that we at least haul out the menorah and light some candles.  We also celebrate Christmas, and hopefully we won’t be burned out holiday-wise by then.  Eeep.

At her one month appointment, we found out that Norah is now 8 1/2 pounds, although that was a week ago – I’m sure it’s close to 9 by now.  That’s a 2 1/2 pound gain in one month!  Boob feeding is the way to go, guys.  Especially for a super hungry kid.  She is now officially in her 0-3 month clothes.  All the newborn things are being packed away… and I’m totally not crying every time I think of that.  No way.  *sniff*  The cloth diapering is still going well, and I expect to get her into her pocket dipes very, very soon.  I plan on using the dozen or so Chinese cheapies we have for a while, but also buying probably one expensive pocket a week – probably Bum Geniuses.  I have a couple of those already to try, so we’ll see how they do.  Right now, prefolds and covers are wonderful and very simple to wash.  She outgrew the preemie sized prefolds in a couple weeks, and she’s right at the veeery edge of the newborn ones right now.  I just put a regular Osocozy Size 1 infant one on her at her last change and it’s fitting just fine.  She needs the extra absorbency – kid is a champion pee-er.  Seriously.

So, I’m planning on doing one more weekly type update at 6 weeks, and then I’m going to let this blog morph into more of a topical family life type thing.  I have been crafting somewhat again, which I want to chronicle (god, I need to get back onto Ravelry) and I will obviously still update about the babe, but babies aren’t quite so easy to cut into weekly chunks as is pregnancy.  Plus, we’re planning on making some life changes around here (yay for a year of debt repayment! so excite) and I’m boring enough to blog about those.



2 thoughts on “five weeks old: playtime

  1. walkingrunningstumbling says:

    Ah, the memories of unintentionally spraying breast milk all over my babies. 😀 It happens to a lot of us, and none of my babies minded as long as the majority of the milk ended up in their tummies.

    • Haha, good to know! 🙂 Norah didn’t seem mad at all, but she does get frustrated when I panic about it and don’t IMMEDIATELY stuff the boob back into her mouth. Honestly, my husband was the most entertained by it all. 😛

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